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PBLQ is a Dutch consultancy firm that focuses on public value creation via consulting on public administrations in the Netherlands and worldwide. PBLQ strengthens business processes and public service delivery of the public sector through consultancy services during the full lifecycle of information technology related programmes and projects.

PBLQ serves a wide range of organisations in the Netherlands and the international public sector. Internationally, PBLQ has extensive experience with projects for multilateral donor organisations such as the European Commission and the World Bank. We are also contracted directly by national governments, as well as by bilateral funding agencies such as the KfW Development Bank Germany.

PBLQ employs more than fifty professionals who are committed to the development of the public sector. We invest by sharing our experiences and knowledge through seminars, lectures and publications. PBLQ works closely with the academic world.


The public sector is in transition.  Expectations of citizens and technological innovations require governments that have an eye for societal needs and possibilities and can deal with the disruptive nature that the digital transition also entails. The public sector needs to innovate to ensure smarter organisations but also a change management approach that is fit for the public sector and aligned with the external environment.

Based on our experience we realise that implementing new business processes and the related ICT support is a challenging task. We provide support to these projects from the start by doing a feasibility study, followed by an integrated plan of approach, procurement in line with international standards and quality assurance and then technical assistance during the design, development and implementation phases. We can assist organisations throughout this whole process or parts of it.

Although we bring in our expertise from our home market, our track record shows that we are able to tailor our approach to local circumstances and standards in many countries in the world. During our activities on site we are able to operate on the strategic, tactical and operational level and are able to switch from one level to the other level if required. In fact, we see working on different managerial and operational levels in an integrated way as a key factor of success.


PBLQ Onderzoek

Feasibility study

During the feasibility study, we detect the local opportunities and strengths as well as the most serious risks that can be expected during the project. By knowing these issues we combine in our approach empowering local strengths with risk mitigation. The study itself provides also input for an integrated plan of approach and terms of references for the subsequent activity of procurement.


PBLQ is able to provide technical assistance as  a tender agent, which will guarantee that the whole procurement process will happen in line with internal standards regarding  integrity and quality.

PBLQ Opleidingen

Quality Assurance

After suppliers for the implementation of new processes and ICT are selected, we can assist you during the implementation itself by providing independent quality assurance which is not only pointing on possible failures, but most of all will provide recommendations how to keep the implementation on track in a sustainable way. During our activities as a QA we focus on the following aspects:

  • Project control: how is the project performing?
  • Product/Output: are all deliverables in place?
  • Organizational learning: sustainability.
  • Business value: are the outputs implemented in a way that they really contribute to the success of the organisation and society?
  • Integrity: are practices in line with international standards, seen from this perspective?



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